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No tuition fee for EU/EEA and Switzerland students

From students to students!

Nordic Education is made by students for students. Our team has gone through the entire application process, currently lives in Denmark and has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

International students' experience
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Why Denmark?

Free education

Higher education in Denmark is free of charge for EU / EEA students and for students participating in exchange programs. For other students, the annual tuition ranges from 6,000 to 16,000 euros.

From internship to work

The Danish education system encourages students to apply all the theory they have learned through various group projects, internships in Danish or international companies.

The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme (SU)

SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte) is the Danish grant for students, and is one of the most generous in the world.

Currently, the SU is 6,166 DKK per month (approximately 820 EUR before tax) for students who do not live with their parents and are over 20 years old.

For citizens from the EU, it is necessary to meet the “minimum working conditions” (work of 12 hours per week, an hourly rate of at least 100 DKK…). Nordic Education will help you with all the information before coming to Denmark, this includes all the information about SU.

Quality education

Many people do not know this, but the Danish education system is not like in other countries. For example, when you go to a Danish university, you will find that lectures are held in small groups instead of in a crowded classroom. The focus is on working in groups where students work together on projects, research and prepare for exams.

Curricula are revised every year because of the focus on new research, trends and the global economy.


Hygge is the word by which the Danes express the happiness they have at throwing. Denmark, according to UN World Happiness Report, is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Student life

Danish universities are very keen to promote student social life. If you plan to study in Denmark, expect regular meetings on campus, near a lake or in the woods, and free time filled with social activities – including boat or kayak races.

Besides that, you can expect open bars on Fridays at the college, and other events organized by the universities themselves such as themed parties, seminars about life in Denmark, excursions…

Never easier to your dream study in Denmark

Become a real Viking!

Baby Viking Offer

For all those who want basic support, we have created the Baby Viking offer. With Nordic Education to study in Denmark.

Viking Offer

Our most popular package - includes help in finding the best transportation option, and help in finding a student job and accomodation.

Super Viking Offer

Includes everything from the Viking package + guaranteed admission to college, otherwise, we will refund 100% of the fee!

Where do our students study?

First-hand experiences


Our students are currently studying at the best Danish universities – from University of Aalborg, University of Aarhus, all the way to the University of Copenhagen.

I warmly recommend working with Nordic to anyone who wants to start their studies in Denmark. First of all, very kind and patient people who will answer all possible questions and concerns, ready to help you choose a college and are with you until your arrival in Denmark, and later. They will do everything they can to make the enrollment as painless and stress-free as possible. Thank you! ❤️
Laura Testimonial
SDU Odense
Absolutely superb service, quick, diligent and they always have the answer to your questions. 5/5 🌟 Would definitely recommend 👍
Matej Testimonial
VIA Horsens
Kudos to the team from Nordic. A warm recommendation to all those who plan to continue their education in Denmark. I am so glad everything they do comes from their own student life in Denmark!
Angelo Testimonial
UCN Aalborg

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